An arcade in revolt, A retro-futuristic sonic experience, the call of the void, a dream pop new wave dance party for the broken-hearted.

Todash Chimes is a new project from Monty O'Blivion (credited as Alan Smithee). True to the name, taken from Stephen King's "Dark Tower" saga, Todash Chimes exists in the space between alternate universes, drawing heavy, almost tongue-in-cheek inspiration from 80's and 90's tech and pop culture. In this music, the CPU is the band, operating as programmed, but given some room for its own improvisation. Sometimes frantic, sometimes inquisitive, quiet, loud, ever-changing and always mysterious a dreams tend to be.

Look for the first single, "A Tube Here, A Chamber There," on the upcoming Marly Records compilation on 5/28/18.