We've been busy booking the tour and getting ready to release the new album, but want to finish up with the CA Weekender recap posts.

We left off on Babyfest, a fundraiser we performed at to raise money for Orange County and Phoenix Rock Camp for Girls as well as the LGBT Center on 4th.  After Babyfest, we cruised on down the street to a cozy, quaint record store called Beatnik Bandito Music Emporium, a local staple that has hosted underground CA greats such as Bad Cop, Bad Cop, and our pals, Apathy Cycle. On this particular evening, Josie Wreck of Popsical was kind enough to invite us to play with them and The Veins, who started the night off with an amazing performance. I was immediately pulled in by that gothic death rock sound of theirs. Right up my alley. I felt lucky to be a part of the intimate audience.

We played next, and it was an absolute pleasure. (Thanks for the great sound and the awesome store, David!)

Popsical did an amazing job headlining the show. Their music is so cool, they play whatever they feel in their own style that you'd be wasting your time trying to categorize. Josie Wreck sneers into the mic like Kim Gordon one moment, and croons like Brian Molko the next, on top of guitar-driven music that is as melodic & catchy as it is edgy & aggressive. Again, lucky to be present at this intimate performance.

A huge thank you to Josie for inviting us (and helping me back out of the parking lot in my parents' excessive fucking land yacht), thank you to The Veins for being with us, and of course, David at Beatnik Bandito for hosting the show.

After two performances in one day, we were ready to unwind, hang out with friends and celebrate Nick Feratu's birthday. Our final show was on our drive back to Phoenix at Hood Bar in Palm Desert, recap coming soon!

Here we our with our friends (L to R) Katey, Miranda and Karen. Photo by Jhef Zurx

Here we our with our friends (L to R) Katey, Miranda and Karen. Photo by Jhef Zurx