So Much For The Tolerant Left EP Release!

"MSD explores the murky depths of the soul, and then exposes the reality that renders the soul obsolete."
-Amy Silverman, Conversation overheard at Voice Media Annual Shareholder's Jubilee

"This EP shakes the very foundation of the earth."
-Roland Doverfield, Geologist

"Any critics that aren't raving about this EP are not doing their jobs properly."
-Award-Winning Music Critic

"I wish I had done this album!"
-Josh Groban, Singer


As promised, "So Much For The Tolerant Left" will be released this month, and you can get it at our CD release show on Sept. 22nd! Now, for those of you who don't use CDs, we will be releasing this album on Bandcamp as well. However, if you pick up the CD at the show, you'll get a SPECIAL UNRELEASED BONUS TRACK available that night only! 

We are fortunate to be joined by a few of our favorite PHX bands that night. Andy Warpigs will be performing, along with French Girls, and Ass Wipe Junkies, which is one damn solid lineup, that you probably shouldn't miss!

Along with our brand new EP, our wares will include our handprinted, recycled T-shirts, available in all sizes, colors, (and sometimes patterns), stickers, patches, large and small, and free coffee! This is all happening at 51 West, all ages, parents, bring your kids, kids, bring your parents (unless they're slimeballs), and enjoy a night of punk, post-punk, folk punk, garage punk, darkwave, new wave, no wave, rock and/or roll!

w/Andy Warpigs, French Girls, Ass Wipe Junkies
@ 51 West
6pm $5 All Ages

Facebook event page