Now that the dust has settled after our weekend visiting & performing in California back in May, we wanted to share a little of our experiences on the road and talk about the bands we met and venues where we played.  We packed up the truck on Friday morning and hit the road from Tempe to Pasadena, CA.  We arrived at the Old Towne Pub around 6PM and got ready for the gig.

Rats In The Louvre started the night out with ferocity. They played an amazing set filled with attitude, sounding as tight live as they do on their record, which is killer, by the way.  Here's a short clip from the audience.

Bellhaunts followed it up wonderfully with their hypnotic and dreamy rock n roll sound, and it was a pleasure to see them perform & share the stage with them.  They've got a show coming up on June 9th that you shouldn't miss if you're in the LA area!

MSD rounded out the night at 1130PM and the crowd was great - full of familiar faces and new friends!  Here's an excerpt sent to us by Darwin Serink, that he recorded in slow motion:

We played quite a few new songs from our upcoming album, MUSIC IS DEAD, and those who attended were able to pick up pre-release CDs.  Here are a couple other videos from the audience.

Reactive Detachment from ILLUMIPHOBIA

Seven Figures from the upcoming album MUSIC IS DEAD

Thank you for your support, Pasadena! Can't wait to be back!

-- Monty O'Blivion