This week in KBOR...

"Blah, blah, blah"

"Blah, blah, blah"

A lot of fun times for us these last couple weeks! First, we got a look at the final cut of the "Western World" video by the amazingly talented Darwin Serink. I don't want to give anything away, but I'll just say, we're all really excited about it. It's a dream come true. The song "Western World" is originally taken from the "So Much For The Tolerant Left" EP, but a new version with a surprise guest will be released as a single along with the video. Details to come!

Last Sunday, March 4th, Monty O'Blivion had the pleasure of opening up a stellar show at the Rogue in Scottsdale, AZ. I played several songs from my forthcoming album "Autonomously Yours," many of them for the first time on stage. Next, a wonderful Southern California duo, Dusty Santamaria + Moira Ichiban took the stage. They gave an intimate and captivating performance. Felt like a dreamy experimental blues and folk experience with some psychedelic vibrations going on there too. They'll be on tour for the next three months, so if you have a chance to see them, I highly recommend doing so! Noise Resort played last and amped up the energy with an exciting and fun set, reminiscent of 90's indie rock. A tight, solid, melodic and wild performance. 

To finish off the week, this past Friday, KBOR put on a show at the Palo Verde (PV) Lounge in Tempe. It was a stacked lineup of great talent, including PHX locals, Aerico and Hesperus, MONSTERWATCH from Seattle, and a new KBOR project called Todash Chimes. First up was Aerico, who played an absolutely brilliant set, high energy, juxtaposing noise and chaos with rhythm and melody like a blender. Then we had Hesperus, who kicked things off with "Paycheck," to get the room moving, and then slowed it down and filled the air with their mind-altering style. Todash Chimes played next, it was the debut performance for this new project of mine, and the first of many to come! It was very pure feeling to perform these songs live. Groove punks, MONSTERWATCH played last, it was a short and sweet, take-no-shit set, and everyone loved it. Good luck to them on the road!

Just want to thank everyone for coming to the shows and showing support for KBOR and for independent music, and live performance in general! Thanks to these incredible bands for working hard and sharing your music with the world. And thanks to you for reading this! We'll have way more KBOR Records news in the near future, and I plan on doing my best to bring them to your attention in a world where everyone is trying to sell you something. Much love! Socialism and anarchism are the cure for the disease of capitalism. So take care of each other for the sake of taking care of each other!

peace love empathy,
Monty O'Blivion aka Alan Smithee
KBOR Records