Monty O'Blivion "Western World" Video Premiere

From director Darwin Serink comes a kaleidoscopic, retro-futuristic odyssey... the first official Monty O'Blivion music video, "Western World"! Featuring none other than long-time presidential candidate, and father of Ponynomics, Vermin Supreme! Watch now and subscribe!


Evil dictators, aliens, zombies, dinosaurs, and Putin? Western World has it all. A tongue-in-cheek commentary on capitalist life, the song deploys the ironically poppy method of getting its bleak message across, and the video provides a beautifully glitchy universe in which to gaze, mirroring the sarcastic, yet heartfelt tone of the song. Monty O'Blivion switches from colorful dictator to lounge performer, cloned over and over into a cabaret line, while narrating the acid-induced dream. The stargazing and screen gawking all leads up to a triumphant entrance from Vermin Supreme, boot, bullhorn and all, ranting and parading on a television set, against heat vision footage of war, gunfire and cruise missiles. 

The song originally appeared on the "So Much For The Tolerant Left" EP, released by O'Blivion just before dropping the former MSD (Manual Sex Drive) title. The video version of the song with Vermin Supreme is now available as a single on Bandcamp. It is available on a name-your-own-price basis, but from now until June 1st all donations benefit Vermin Supreme's push to get on the ballot in Kansas in the Attorney General race. Time to pony up, America! 

Monty O'Blivion performs IRL tomorrow! Saturday, May 26th at a retro arcade and bar known as The Grid in Mesa, AZ with NFOE, and Robocoitus