A wild night in Silver Lake

Monty O’Blivion had the privilege of closing out an electrifying show at Silverlake Lounge last Sunday. The evening was organized by QBomb, as their very first show. This raucous, out-of-control project is not to be missed. Their unique sound, accurately self-described as “hyperpunk”, features lightning-fast lyrical phrasing, driving (and stopping) drum and bass grooves, and a synth cataclysm that depicts a robot battle among many other aural configurations.

The night also also showcased San Diego darklings, The Writhers, whom were introduced by Satan himself bearing an accordian. While this band were definitely influenced by horror punk, they were anything but constrained by its ancient formula. They were dynamic, and just when you thought you had them figured out, they threw you a curveball.

We were seething with anticipation for Apathy Cycle’s performance, without having seen them play since they came off a moderate hiatus, fresh with a solid album’s worth of new material. They did not disappoint one bit. Their signature punk/ska/hardcore blend was there, but they brought even more to the table this time around, and their energy was through the roof. It was so great to see them back doing what they were made to do. And a huge thanks to them for dropping my name, and getting me on the bill.

I had a great time performing, debuted the song “To Arms!” which will be coming up on the “Fainting By Numbers” record, as well as some MSD selects, and you can see some footage on the KBOR Instagram feed! We all had great sound, and a pretty great crowd too, so thanks to all of you who attended, and thanks to the crew at Silverlake Lounge!

The next Monty O’Blivion show will be at KBOR’s own Festival Of Bad Dreams, on the final Friday of the year!